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What is a traction battery?

Propulsion for internal transport machines

A traction battery (also known as a forklift truck battery) is used for propelling a forklift or other types of internal transport machines. Traction batteries consist of a number of traction cells which are connected in series in order to make up a battery of 12, 24, 36, 40, 48, 72, 80 or 96 Volts. Each traction cell supplies a voltage of 2 volts; the capacity is determined by the "thickness" and height of the relevant cell.

The traction battery and traction cell provides electrical power for driving the machine by converting the chemical energy that is stored in the battery. These traction cells are put in a battery holder as a rule. A battery holder is a steel container (sometimes plastic in the case of a very small battery), which matches the forklift or other internal transport machine for which the battery is intended.

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