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Hand pallet truck

Eurolifter hand pallet trucks

A hand pallet truck is an internal transport machine that can be used for horizontal pallet transport. You can buy Pramac hand pallet trucks at Van der Spek with various fork lengths, types of wheels and lift capacities.

Wheel types

Eurolifter hand pallet trucks are available with three different types of wheels: rubber wheels, Vulkollan wheels or nylon wheels. Each version has its own advantages:

Rubber wheels

Noise-free, high wear-resistance, protects floors, ideal for smooth and rough floors.

Vulkollan wheels

Impact and sound-insulating, wear-resistant, suitable for vulnerable floors.

Nylon wheels

Very limited roll-resistance, high resistance to chemicals, suitable for smooth, even floors.

Buy a hand pallet truck from € 295

Reference Fork length in mm Fork width in mm Lift capacity in kg        Type of wheel
108TA8382 800mm 540/685mm 2500kg VBV
108TA8383 950mm 540/685mm 2500kg VBV
108TA8384 950mm 540/685mm 2500kg VGV
111TA4119 950mm 540/685mm 2500kg CBN
111TA4120 1120mm 540/685mm 2500kg CBN
108TA8385 1500mm 540/685mm 2000kg VBV
108TA8386 1800mm 540/685mm 2000kg VBV
108TA8387 2000mm 540/685mm 2000kg VBV

C: Rubber / B: Nylon / V: Vulkollan / G: Engel / B: Tandem

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Specifications of Eurofilter hand pallet truck

  • Capacity: up to 2000 or 2500 kg
  • Fork length: 800 – 2000 mm
  • Fork width: 540 / 685 mm
  • 3 types of wheels available

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